Don’t Let Anyone Cut or Trim Your Trees

Why Get a Tree Service?


Do you have a tall tree near your house that you want to trim or remove? Even if your neighbor claimed that they’re very good at it and can remove the tree at a cheap price, don’t hire them. It’s still way better to use a tree service. Here are the reasons behind that.



Trimming trees remain a challenge even for experts. They’re aware they can get hurt or hurt anyone nearby if they made the wrong choice. That happened to many professionals in the past and there’s still a chance that it can happen to them. If their calculation missed, the newly cut branch could fall on a residential house, on the car below, or just someone nearby. To avoid these, tree specialists invest in different cutting edge tools and gears to protect their stakeholders, including their customers and employees. They trained people before sending them to the field. They also implement several strict measures before, during, and after the tree cutting.


Unlike amateurs, professionals of tree service are more competent. Plus, many of them are insured. You don’t need to worry about their welfare if they’re part of a licensed tree company. They’ll less likely sue you for a personal injury claim in case something goes wrong on the site.



Even if it’s in your yard and you’re liable in case it falls down on your neighbor’s house, you can’t just easily cut your trees. You need to meet certain criteria to avoid legal obligations. If your state requires it, you need to process a permit. No one is more familiar with these regulations but tree specialists. They can guide you in processing it.



Whether you want to trim or remove the entire tree, tree service providers can execute the task efficiently and correctly. They have knowledge of plants. They can take good care or kill them completely. They can successfully remove diseases and improve the beauty of the trees with their tree care solutions.


Big Green Tree Service has been providing outstanding tree service since 1998. Know more about the services we offer in Bonham, TX by calling us today.

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  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Spraying
  • Stump Grinding
  • Lawn Care
  • Storm Cleanup
  • Leaf Cleanup
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